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Gallia Recreation - Wreck Assets
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Using the reference material we gather throughout the project we reconstruct / create a physically accurate environment, and populate it with period accurate persons, animals and plant life, to provide a life-like sense to the project. This process begins with creating the polygon geometry for the artefact or the person. When creating the artefacts, the site photogrammetry or LiDAR data is often used as a starting point to aid accuracy, for digital persons this process begins with using digital clay to reconstruct the faces and bodies. The process concludes with painting the surface details onto the geometry by hand, these details are created for a physically based lighting environment which helps to ensure detail and accuracy in our models.

During the modelling process our designers are always referring back to the original object, whether through pictures, videos, or by talking to the archaeologists who collected the data. If we are missing key information, such as the colour of the clay for a pyramid mound, we rely on the archaeological record and interpretation to inform. No decision is made without archaeological or historical evidence. 

Our team specialises in creating accurate digital environments and digital persons.

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