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Past in Pixels takes a mutli-disciplinary approach to creating interactive heritage visualisation, combining archaeological expertise with digital art and game design. 

Archaeological Information

Every decision we make is informed from the archaeological and historical record. We use a variety of different data sources, data types, and methodologies to analyse and interpret archaeological data. 


Learn more about the Unreal Engine and the Substance software the powers Past in Pixels

Prototype Creation

At the beginning of a project we create sample of the desired experience so that you can see what you are getting and we can gauge the scope of the project. You could think of this stage a like a scale model of a full ship.

Artefact Construction

We meticulously reconstruct / create accurate geometry and surface detail for the environment, the human population, and animal and plant life, to bring your experience to life.


From the first prototype to the final experience we continually test each version for quality and usability to ensure the calibre of the experience. This is an on-going process that will last the length of the project.

Experience Creation

This is the conclusion to the project, where all of the content created in the previous stages, and input from you comes together to create a unique, immersive, and informative experience.

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