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Prototype Creation

Terrain Creation
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At the start of a new project we will create a functional scale example of the desired experience, this allows as to test everything from user interaction methods to the lighting in the scene. Various iterations of these prototypes are delivered back to the client so that together we can narrow down exactly what the final experience will contain. To construct these prototypes, we will often use photogrammetry or LiDAR data of a site as a base to build our functionally and interaction upon. This is a rapid design process that allows us to quickly iterate on ideas and input from our clients.

The above videos gives an example of the type of work that goes into the terrain building process. From sculpting the shape of the floor, adding in small details, such as textures and small debris, and finally adding in the larger objects such as rocks. This terrain was built by heavily referencing the photogrammetric model and by looking at diver footage of the wreck. 

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